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Professionals' Frequently-Asked Questions

What's so special about the Prima Diva Eyelash Extensions Kit?

One of the industry’s first extensions kits—and one of the most closely imitated—the Prima Diva Eyelash Extensions Kit comes with everything you need to start offering lash extension services. But that's just the beginning! Where we really shine is in the quality and  completeness of our kits, our detailed instructional support and our outstanding promotional support.  

How can I learn to apply lash extensions Prima Diva's written instructions, helpful hints and DVD provide most technicians all the clear, step-by-step instructions they need to master the procedure at their own pace, in the privacy of their own home or salon. 
How long will it take to learn the application procedure? Most technicians master the application techniques after watching the DVD, reading the printed instructions and then returning to the DVD to review key segments several times. After practicing on a few willing friends or colleagues, they're ready to begin seeing clients.
What's on the DVD? The DVD has six chapters covering all the basics, choices of lash looks, the application procedure, client education and ordering supplies. Unlike some instructional programs offering only one way to apply extensions, the Prima Diva DVD explains concepts and leaves room for technicians to be creative and adapt the procedure to achieve an infinite number of custom lash looks. 
Do you offer classes? For most technicians, our printed instructions and DVD eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming classroom training. We are always happy to answer your questions by email and telephone, and we will work with you one-on-one at our Destin, Florida, salon if you'd like to arrange private lessons.
How many procedures can I do with the supplies that come in the kit? We estimate you can do about 200 procedures with the supplies in the Prima Diva Premium Kit and about 100 procedures with the Basic Kit. Your total will vary, depending on the number and colors of lashes you use in each procedure. 
Where do I get replacement supplies? Supplies are available from Le Belle International. You may also buy supplies from our authorized distributors.
What colors and lengths are available besides the ones that came in the kit? Black extensions are available now in 8, 10, 13, 14 and 15 mm. Brown extensions come in 10, 13 and 15 mm. Blue, purple and red highlighter extensions come in mixed lengths. 
Do I need to do a skin patch test before I use the adhesive? Properly applied lash extensions are bonded on top of natural upper lashes and should never touch the eyelid. Since the adhesive does not contact the skin, there is no need for a patch test. 
What should I charge? Technicians who have bought our kits are charging a wide range of prices for the initial application procedure, from $125 to $350, depending on the market they're in, the clientele they're serving and the number of lashes they're applying. Fees for touch-ups are substantially less, with some technicians charging based on the number of replacements applied. 
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