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Ultrasonic Skin Therapy 7000
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Ultrasound is among the most widely-used technologies in the skin care and medical industries. At available frequencies of more than 20,000 hertz, Le Belle Pro Ultrasonic Skin Therapy system's powerful ultrasonic waves radiate invisible micro-vibrations deep within the cells, helping stimulate the skin's natural repair mechanisms.

Ultrasound waves provide a safe, painless method of technologically advanced skin care and enhancement, simultaneously producing beneficial thermal, mechanical and chemical effects. 

By increasing the skin temperature, ultrasound stimulates blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and healing nutrients to the areas treated. As heat penetrates further into the tissues, ultrasound promotes collagen and elastin production.

Among the mechanical effects, ultrasound's high-speed vibrations effectively micro-massage the tissues, improving collagen metabolism and activating collagen production.

On a chemical level, ultrasound can promote the synthesis of protein inside cells and speed regeneration of damaged connective tissues. Ultrasound also improves skin elasticity, smoothes connective tissues and tones muscles.

Le Belle Pro's Ultrasonic Skin Therapy 7000 comes with three hand pieces sized and shaped to treat the face, eye area and body, with a convenient holder attached.

  • Ultrasonic frequencies from 1.5 to 3 megahertz, adjustable to five levels of intensity for physiotherapeutic and aesthetic uses.

  • Three operating modes, including continuous, intermittent with short pauses and intermittent with medium mixed pauses.

  • Adjustable timer.

For face, eyes and body

Offer Your Clients the Many Health and Beauty Benefits of Ultrasound


Ultrasonic Skin Therapy 7000
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