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Supersonic Skin Scrubber 7000
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Le Belle Pro introduces the revolutionary Supersonic Skin Scrubber 7000 with three specialized hand tools, each with five intensity settings and three pulse modes, enabling technicians to customize each treatment to the exact needs of each client.

Designed and sized for the face, eye area and body, the scrubber's hand tools pulse with extraordinary cleaning power, quickly and easily stripping away dead cells while forcing dirt and debris from deep in the pores to the surface of the skin.

Rather than the harsh abrasives often associated with microdermabrasion, the scrubber uses safe, gentle, low-frequency ultrasonic waves of up to 28,000 cycles per second. Adjustable intensity levels range from 130 to 360 hertz, depending on the tool, with three available pulse modes.

With the hand tools in deep-penetrating position, the scrubber promotes penetration of regenerating skin preparations into the lower layer of the dermis, enabling more effective treatments using less product. 

Deep-cleaning and exfoliation procedures can be done on all skin types without causing redness or irritation, even on sensitive or mature skin, acne or rosacea. Pore size diminishes and bacteria levels are reduced.

By simultaneously micro-massaging skin tissues and producing local heat, the scrubber facilitates circulation, nourishment and cellular renewal. With regular, ongoing treatments, fine lines and wrinkles diminish while a smooth, youthful glow returns to the skin.

Best of all, with three specialized hand tools, treatments ranging from precision facials to whole-body exfoliation procedures can be completed quickly, easily and with minimal mess.


For face, eyes and body

Advanced Skin Care Technology to Exfoliate and Regenerate


Supersonic Skin Scrubber 7000
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