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Dual System 7020
Supersonic Skin Scrubber & Ultrasonic Therapy
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Double the possibilities—and your profit potential—with two machines in one!

Le Belle Pro Dual System 7020 integrates advanced scrubber technology with deep-penetrating ultrasound into one machine. 


Dual System 7020
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The revolutionary Supersonic Scrubber has three specialized hand tools, each with five intensity settings and three available pulse modes. Custom-designed and sized for the face, eye area and body, the hand tools pulse with cleaning power, quickly and easily stripping away dead cells while forcing dirt and debris from deep in the pores to the surface of the skin.

Deep-cleaning and exfoliation procedures can be done on all skin types without causing redness or irritation. With the scrubber's hand tools in deep-penetrating position, the scrubber promotes penetration of regenerating skin preparations into the lower layer of the dermis, enabling more effective treatments using less product.

The Ultrasonic Skin Therapy system's powerful waves provide a safe, painless method of technologically advanced skin care and enhancement, simultaneously producing beneficial thermal, mechanical and chemical effects to promote collagen and elastin production, improve collagen metabolism, promote protein synthesis and speed regeneration of damaged connective tissues.

The Dual System 7020 comes with three ultrasound handpieces sized and shaped to treat the face, eye area and body. Each can be adjusted to five intensity levels and three operating modes.

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